Information for Authors

The abstracts should fully respect the format file as mentioned at The abstracts (a file in MSWORD format) should be sent to the following persons and emails, depending on the topics:
1. for Global Economic, Social and Political Issues topics

Contact: Octav Negurita

2. for the Management and Marketing topics

Contact: Sandu Cristina Fraxa

3. for the Economy and Regional Development topics

Contact: Laura Patache

4. for the Accounting and Finance topics

Contact: Adina Trandafir

5. for the Business Law topics

Contact: Anca Stoian

The full papers (a file in MSWORD format) should be emailed using the same persons and email addresses as the abstracts, according to the topics of the papers submitted.

The formatting guidelines for the paper can be downloaded from here . Maximum number of pages is 10, paper format A5.

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